Monday, February 25, 2008

My New Hairdo...

Sometimes I have to urge to do something drastic with my hair and this weekend.....I guess I felt it! My hair is now RED the only color Nick has asked me not to dye what do I do?! I dye it red. I am sure that I have been blessed with the best husband EVER because I think if he didn't love me so much he would have killed me a long time ago.....haha. Anyway I am not sure that I like it yet, but who knows, maybe I will be a redhead from now on.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Mouths!

I have always been teased by my family and my husband and his family that I have a huge mouth.....well, it runs in the family as you can see. heehee!

Winter Wonderland

While we were visitng my parents house this week it snowed so hard! It was so beautiful and I wanted to take Hayden out in it to play but I had not brought his snow stuff with me. Well we called the Wright family and they let me borrow some snow stuff so Hayden could go outside. I took Hayden on a sled and took him down the hill with me. He had so much fun! Aaron and Kathryn came out with us and played with Hayden. Aaron took most of these pictures and I thought he did a really good job!

Families are Forever!

A long awaited visit

This week I visited my family in Morgantown . I really enjoyed seeing them, and celebrating Andrew's birthday. We got together for dinner to celebrate and retold our favorite memories and it was so much fun to spend the time with my family. I have not been able to visit them in a while because something ALWAYS happens every time I plan to go. Well I finally got there.....even though the weather was horrible driving down. It was snowing so hard and even the interstate was totally covered in snow and then Hayden threw up on top of everything and I had to pull off the road and clean him and change his clothes. Such a wonderful experience! I am so glad that I could visit though, it was a healing balm for my soul. It was so wonderful to see everyone and to spend time with my mom. It has been hard not being able to see them as often as I would like so every time I see them it is so nice. I love them! They are all wonderful people!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Who said a chair was for sitting?

For Christmas Nick and I bought Hayden a little recliner because he loves little chairs that are his size. Well the other night I turned on a movie for Hayden and he goes to his chair and I think....."Oh it is so nice that he likes to sit in the chair we bought him. He really likes it!" Well, he does like it. Just not to sit in.......I watched as his body contorted into all different positions
and was amazed by how limber he is...haha. And how strong he must be. Funny what a little boy finds to entertain himself.

Another Snow Day!

Some good advice

So a few weeks ago my sister Ami wrote on her blog that she had started to do crafts with Eli and that is gave her a few moments of peace. Not only that but Eli seemed to enjoy it also. Well, I had been thinking I needed to do something with Hayden and after her reading her post I decided to go to walmart and get some fingerpaints. Well needless to say Hayden LOVED it and it did give me a few moments to do what I needed to without being pulled every which way. Now we paint or do something like that almost every day and he has really enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boys will be boys...

Hayden recently became obsessed with cars. He plays with them almost all day, and when he is not playing with them he is carrying them everywhere he goes. The other day I was trying to get him to bed and he would not let me put him down until I gave him his cars so that they could sleep with him. He has always been a strongwilled and it seems as he grows he just keeps on getting more and more stubborn. I don't know where he gets that from.......probably his father.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I LOVE being a mom!!!!!!

ARGH!!!! The frustrations of being a mom cannot truely be understood without being one. On the one hand you look at your little boy (or I look at mine) and think how in the world have created someting so perfect!? On the other hand your little boy pinches your boob and you look at him and think, "little man if you were only a hundred pounds heavier I would whollop you...." but since he is only around 29 lbs, I flick him instead. Now I know I should not flick him, it is just that WHAT CAN I DO?????!!!! I get so irritated becuase he KNOWS (even though he is 22 months old) that he shoud not pinch or hit or scratch or scream a scream that will blow you eardrumbs into your next life, or do other things like pee on the pillow, yes Hayden peed on the pillow today. I took him out of his bath and just for a minute I let him walk around with out a diaper, and the next thing I know he is peeing on my pillow! I am thinking to myself, did I give birth to a boy or a chihuahua? Sometimes I wonder.... Then not only have I given birth to a chiuahuah, but I have also given birth to a nocturnal chiuahuah. That must be it because he does not sleep! I have been trying to get him to go to bed earlier soI have stopped giving him a nap, well he went to bed early but then woke up forty minutes later and stayed up until 11:39! What have I done to bring the wrath of god upon me like this?! I always looked forward to being a mother, but a mother of a good little boy, not a nocturnal chiuahuah!!