Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poor baby.....

Well, I know I haven't posted in a while....but a few things have happened recently that I thought I would share. This is a picture of the day after he got his first stitches. :( It really doesn't look that bad it healed very quickly but at first I thought it was going to be a huge scar on his face. It was SUCH a traumatic experience...not only for Hayden but for mommy. He is deathly afraid of going to the doctor and having them touch him and give him shots sooo needless to say when we got to the hospital for his stitches he FREAKED OUT!! He kept repeating over and over....ok...ok? All done. ok? and crying. I felt so bad for the little man. He had to be strapped down (in a thing called the papoose that makes it impossible for him to move) so the doctor could give him stitches. He was screaming and I felt so bad that I started crying. I know these things are bound to happen with little boys...but so soon? And so all the trips to the hospital begins......

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Thingies

Another Tag....

1. 5 Things under $5 I couldn't live without:

1. A razor

2. gum...any flavor, I am addicted

3. tums (I have the worst heart burn, being pregnant really stinks!!)

4. bottled water

5. nail polish

2. 5 Favorite movies:

1. The Sound of Music

2. Gone With the Wind

3. Pride and Prejudice

4. My Fair Lady

5. Any movie with Christian Bale or Daniel Craig...

3. 5 Baby names I love:

1. Hayden, of course :)

2. Sophia

3. Audrey

4. Grant

5. Isabella
* it is kind of ironic that I have to anwer this question right now... I am having such a hard time thinking of boy names, which I just found out is what the baby is going to be!

4. 5 songs I could listen to over and over:

1. My Song by Elton John

2. The whole Moulin Rouge soundtrack

3. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

4. Vivaldi The Four Seasons

5. Andrea Bocelli, anything...he has the voice of an angel

5. 5 people who have influenced me in a positive way:

1. My hubby

2. My son

3. My parents, they count as one person

4. My Heavenly Father and my Savior, they also count as one

5. My 9th grade English teacher

6. 5 things that are always in my purse:

1. lip gloss...I have an addiction

2. multiple pens

3. diaper

4. wipes

5. nail file

7. 5 Moments that changed my life forever

1. getting married

2. giving birth

3. finding out I was pregnant...again

4. Nick graduating college and getting "real" job

5. Nick almost joining the Army

8. 5 obsessions I have now:

1. filing my nails

2. blogging

3. thinking about moving out if Keyser

4. taking walks with Hayden

5. reading

9. 5 places I would like to go:

1. England

2. Ireland/Scotland

3. Germany/Austria

4. Italy

5. Spain

10. 5 kichen appliances or tools that I couldn't live w/out:

1. DISHWAHSER!! I HATE washing by hand

2. a whisk

3. really good, sharp knives

4. microwave

5. a good size cutting board

11. 5 people who's top 5s I would like to see:

1. Mom

2. Rachel

3. Ami

4. Liz

5. Bonna

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nick's new baby

Well I thought Nick would have been satisfied with just the one new baby but I guess not, she's only three days old and we haven't named her yet. He has been begging me for months to give the green light and allow him to buy a motorcycle. It took him a while but he eventually wore me down. I have to say that I think it is a very pretty bike and I think it is great for a first bike. He finds any excuse to go out and ride it. Pretending he is doing me a favor and going to return a rental movie, or just anything he can think of to get him out on that bike.

Playing in the Sprinklers

Hayden has always loved water. Even as a baby he loved to take a bath and would even put his head down in the water for a second. Well nothing has changed. It has been so unbearably hot lately that we thought it might be fun for him to get sprayed with the hose. Well I think at first he was a little aprehensive because the water was sooo cold. But as he got more and more wet more and more items of clothing became missing. He LOVED playing in the hose and since the pool isn't open yet I think it will become a normal thing......and he'll probably end up naked every time.

Bowling Night

Recently Nick and I decided to go bowling with his brothers and their families. We thought Hayden would enjoy it and it would be a new experience for him. He loved it and jumped up and down, clapped his hands, and cheered whenever the ball knocked any of the pins down. Another thing that he loved was the boat racing arcade game. He would just sit there and pretend to play the game (I don't think he thought he was pretending though) . He would go and sit there with Garren in between his turns. It was really cute and then...... he started running all over not listening running behind other bowlers (which freaked me out because I thought he was going to get hit with the ball) and being a little stinker until we vowed that we would not take him EVER again. It was a fun night regardless and maybe once Hayden gets a little older we'll do it again.

*Note the way I am holding on to Hayden.....I think that says it all.

Training Papa

Hayden and Papa have a very special relationship. Hayden looks sweetly at his Grandpa and says, "Papa...." and whatever he wants appears before him. Whether it be going on a walk, getting some candy before dinner, or just having a play mate. I know that all children train their parents and grandparents to a certain extent but Hayden seems to be a natural. He has the sweetest little voice when he wants something and when he gets that angelic look on his face it is impossible to say no, especially if you are Papa.