Thursday, August 28, 2008

We moved!

Living room Haydens BRM

Hayden's bathroom Nick and my BRM

We recently moved, for those of you who don't know, to Winchester Va. We love our new place and love to have enough room for Hayden to just run! Even if our neighbors don't like it! HeHe! These are just some pics of us moving in. It looks much better now but I have to take some new pics with everything done. I will have them up soon.


Here are some pictures I thought were too funny not to post. Hayden loves anything that roars, especially his new "ROAR" pillow. For some reason he finds it comforting to sleep with it on top of his face.

Color me happy....or not

Right before Nick and I moved I took Hayden and went to stay at my parents house for a while. Well on the last morning we were there little did I know Hayden had been up while I was sleeping. So when I woke up much to my surprise Hayden had a red marker and had colored all over the wall and his new stuffed animal and some of Laurens things (we were staying in her room). I loved being shocked awake and met by a surprise like this. How would I get through the day without Hayden?Luckily the marker came off of mostly everything (except Hayden lol)

A new toy!

Hayden recently figured out that he could fit into my dryer.....I have to admit that it isn't something I am totally thirlled about! Now every time I do laundry I have to pull him away and tell him it isn't something he is allowed to play that works.

Just some TLC

Nick and I have really loved hope chests and we really wanted to buy a chest lined with cedar to keep our blankets in. Well I don't know if any of you have ever looked for them they are sooo expensive! Holy Cow! So originally Nick thought about just building one but that would have taken a long time and we weren't really sure about it. Well Nick just happened to go to some fishing store with his brother Chris and saw one that needed some work but he really liked it and asked if they were interested in selling it. Well they were and for only $50! We were really happy about it and took it home and decided to strip all of the stain off and sand it down (all of which Nick did by himself). Any way here are the before and after pics... I was pretty impressed with it!

This is when we first started...not so pretty

This is as we were stripping off the finish

This is after... so pretty!

Nick lined the inside with cedar, isn't it so pretty?!