Monday, October 27, 2008

Hayden's dinglehopper

One of Hayden's new favorite movies is Little Mermaid. He loves the fish and the music and especially the shark scene. Well, I guess I didn't realize how closely he must be watching the movie because the other night at dinner he took his fork ran it through his hair and when we asked what he was doing he said, "hopper." We came to the conclusion that he had seen Ariel doing the same thing at the dinner table and thought it was hilarious.
Tonight at dinner he started doing it again (even though we have told him not to) and I just thought it was so funny that I had to take a few pictures. He is such a funny boy. He just lights up my day. Even when he is misbehaving it is so hard to stay mad at him....remind me of that next time he does something naughty!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Sandman for me

This is Nick's game night. I usually read while he plays and then we go to bed. Well, tonight everything went as normal except that since I am so tired all the time I fell asleep reading my book. That normally wouldn't be such a bad thing except that around midnight Hayden woke up and I had to put him back to sleep, which doesn't usually take very long...except for the fact that ater I put him back to bed I opened the door to go out and his wooden name blocks I have on his dresser fell down and woke him up. He was instantly awake asking "What was that?" Going on and on about his dragon or Dranon as Hayden says (which is a humidifier that we bought for his room and sometimes the water in it bubbles and makes funny sounds) making noises and being loud. So he talks to me about the sound for a few more minutes and then quiets back down but it takes longer for him to fall asleep again. By the time he fell asleep it was around 12:30 not too bad but I was totally awake.

By then Nick had stopped playing and was in our room and we talked for a little while and by the time I was ready to lay down again I was TOTALLY awake. I lay there forever thinking..."I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat because I don't want to gain any weight." And "Do I really have to pee again (for like the 3rd time in an hour!) or should I wait until my bladder is exploding?" So I am laying there contemplating if I really want to get up and make something to ease my hunger pains and relieve my poor abused bladder or if I want to try to just go to sleep. Then the baby pushes on my ribs and starts a party in my stomache. Evidently he has invited some friends over without asking my permission....or at least that is what it feels like because there are just too many limbs pushing at me to be just ONE baby! I can't get comfortable because I have so much pressure on my belly I feel like I am going to pop open. I lay there tossing and turning as Nck snores on (I hate him) debating.

Finally I decide to get up make a penut butter and jelly sandwich, pee, because I am so uncomfortable that I know it won't do any good to just lay there. So now I am blogging at 2:15am because I can't sleep and I am hoping this is theraputic and will ease my mind enough so that I can sleep. We'll see I guess.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a guy!

I don't think I give enough kudos to my husband Nick for all that he does for his family. So, in honor of that I am going to post a sappy post that you can choose to read...or not.

Thank you for all that you do for your little family. You really are the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for.
Thank you for being the kind of dad that our little boy can look up to and want to be like when he grows up.
Thank you for playing with Hayden and teaching him right from wrong.
Thank you for putting up with my pregnancy hormones and my swollen belly and feet, and endless complaints.
Thank you for your kisses and hugs (but more for your kisses ;) ).
Thank you for putting up with me waking you up in middle of the night to talk when you have to be up early the next morning and then not complaining about being tired.
Thank you for helping me keep the house clean because i am too tired to do it.
And most of all thank you for marrying me and being a part of my life. You make every day sunny no matter what the weather outside.
I love you!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A monkey for the monkey

We purchased a monkey backpack with a leash on it a long time ago for Hayden because he just RUNS EVERYWHERE! Well when we first bought it he threw a FIT about wearing it. I am not sure why but he hated it.
We recently we went to Ocean City and I thought to myself "I wonder if he would let us put it on him now....?" Well he did and he LOVES it now (go figure)! Every time we go for a walk or go anywhere he asks for his monkey. I don't think I will ever really understand the way a two year old mind works!

Fun at the park

This morning the weather was so nice that I decided we needed to take Hayden outside. There really is no place for him to run where we live so I thought why not go to the park? I had heard that there was a nice park close to our house and so I looked up directions and away we went.
It is such a pretty park!! Lots of nature trails and different play areas for children of different ages. There is a lake where you can rent a paddle boat, baseball fields and soccer fields, just a TON of stuff to do. We were so happy to find it! Hayden had a blast and was so cute looking at bugs and trees and dead leaves. It is so nice to live in an area that has so much to offer!