Thursday, March 5, 2009

The BIG man

The other morning Hayden woke up and came into our room and while we were still laying in bed waking up he found a pair of daddy's socks and put them on. Then he proceeded to walk around the room saying he was a big man. It was to funny not to capture with pictures. He would raise his arms and say "big man". I don't know where it comes from but I think it is hilarious. He is such a funny boy! I think he takes after his dad!

Making breakfast with daddy

Every Saturday Hayden and Nick make breakfast together and let mommy sleep until it is ready (I know so nice!). Hayden loves to help in the kitchen and I love that Nick loves to have his help. I am so glad that Nick is sharing his love of cooking with his son. I am sure that we will have a another great cook in the family soon!

Hayden's Song

Ok so Hayden and I have been making up songs about sharks and dragons and really anything that he wants a song for. The other day he started singing them and I thought I should get it on tape. So here it is. I am sorry about all of the jumping around. I couldn't get him to stop...I'm sure anyone who has had or has little boys understands. The parts where he forgets the words is funny because he tries to make things up so he is just making sounds. haha