Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hayden's Song

Ok so Hayden and I have been making up songs about sharks and dragons and really anything that he wants a song for. The other day he started singing them and I thought I should get it on tape. So here it is. I am sorry about all of the jumping around. I couldn't get him to stop...I'm sure anyone who has had or has little boys understands. The parts where he forgets the words is funny because he tries to make things up so he is just making sounds. haha


Jubilant Jacksons said...

That is so cute!! Eli was laughing and now wants to sing a shark song!!! You are so cleaver! We miss you guys!

Waldron Family said...

Hilarious. I felt like I lost a couple pounds as I watched him jumping up and down...good exercise...good voice, cute song. fun. Love ya