Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers.....

Or at least I hope they do. Today I went over to my friend Ashley's house and we potted some veggies and herbs namely tomatoes, green peppers, sweet peas, cilantro, chives, oregano, parsley, and lavender. I have never planted anything or had LIVE things to take care of (except my children of course). I mean plant or pet wise. So here is to hoping that I will see the fruits of my labors and I mean that literally. Thank you Ashley for giving me a few of your pots too. I had such a great time. Although mine will probably never look as wonderful as the ones in this pic. I hope that we save a few bucks on groceries and enjoy home grown veggies soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Growing up

Dylan has grown sooo much in the last month! He is getting so big and cuter everyday. Recently I moved him into the nursery to sleep in his own room. I was worried at first about how he would do in there so far away from mommy and daddy. Truthfully I think I was more worried about how mommy would do...but it has turned out wonderfully! We have a little routine that we follow every night. I give him some rice cereal, give him a bath, nurse him, sing him a song and then he is off to his own bed in his own room. As long as he has his blanket and his thumb we do well. He is in bed at the latest around 8:30pm and then sleeps until 5 or 5:30 am. He is such a wonderful baby! I am so grateful!

Hayden is my WILD child. I could see in 10 years or something them saying in parenting books....Now if you have a Hayden Keckley for a child God help you! He is just going, going, going, gone like the energizer bunny but way more noisy. But, he is also such a sweet heart. He melts my heart so I can't stay mad by sayin "mommy I love you sooo much!" After that I don't care how mad I am. We have been working on potty training for a while but it has been slow going. He just loves his diaper. He has also been singing a lot lately. I make songs up for him (as we saw in a previous post) and he goes around the house singing and dancing. He loves any music with a good beat and puts CD's on for himself and just dances around the cute! We went to our first movie this week Monsters VS Aliens and he loved it! We were worried he wouldn't want to sit through it and he did great. He is just growing up so fast!

I told him to put his pants on so we could go to the movie and he gets a shirt and tries to tell me it is his pants. You might be able to see it was a monster shirt. He wanted to wear it to the monster movie.

Going to the movie! He was so happy!

Amanda's 25th birthday

A few weeks before my b-day I told Nick my 25th birthday was a big deal and he had better get something good. Well I guess he took me seriously because he got me a beautiful garnet ring.

Isn't it beautiful? Anyway, I have had a hard time turning 25 for some reason. I know I am not old and I have a lot of life to live, but something about turning 25 is really disturbing for me. Not only did he get me that ring but then we went out for a nice dinner. We had planned to go to Outback because I love it there but we ended up finding this other steak house that was quieter and it was so nice! And yummy! It ended up being a very nice birthday.

Don and Brenda came up from Keyser to watch Hayden and Dylan. They brought an awsome ice cream cake. I was so yummy. Nick put my candles on the cake and I blew them all wish should come true right?!